July 2006 News


Hello everyone,

Hopefully everyone is having a nice summer. We have some news for you:

We are excited to announce that will be releasing a limited two-song 7” by Navies in the fall. The two songs are their best to date and the most representative of their explosive live shows. The band has been on a bit of a hiatus, as they all have been busy. Sean is in Pissed Jeans, which recently released a 7” on Sub Pop, Mike has been playing and touring with A Day In Black And White, and Ed just finished his first year of law school. They are doing things here and there, though: they have a few shows lined up for the end of summer and are hopefully going to be playing some more in the fall and winter.

Pinebender’s new full length entitled Working Nine To Wolf recently was mastered at Golden Mastering. Their new epic masterpiece comprises 8 songs and is over 60 mins. long. The record will hopefully be released this fall, and the band will be doing some touring behind it as they can. We are really excited about this release and think that you will be, too, once you hear it. We should have an mp3 up soon from the record and a song in our flash radio so check the website for that in the near future.

Haram start a five-week European tour at the end of July. Just in time for the tour, Adagio 830 Records in Germany has released a European version of their self-titled LP. People in Europe interested in picking it up can order from them or get it from the band at one of their shows. They are also working on new material with Jeff Kane (City of Caterpillar), who joined the band after the last record was recorded and hope to record material with him later this year. Their European dates as are follows:

Jul 31, 2006 Reykjavik, Iceland Kaffi Hljomalind w/ TBA
Aug 02, 2006 Copenhagen, Denmark Ungdomshuset w/ Kaospilot
Aug 03, 2006 Fredericia, Denmark HC Festival w/ Kaospilot
Aug 04, 2006 Hamburg, Germany Flora w/ Kaospilot
Aug 05, 2006 Bielefeld, Germany AJZ w/ Kaospilot
Aug 06, 2006 Wurzburg, Germany Cafe Cairo w/ Kaospilot
Aug 07, 2006 Wien, Austria Movimento w/ Kaospilot
Aug 08, 2006 Munchen, Germany Kafe Kult w/ Kaospilot
Aug 09, 2006 Saarlouis, Germany Juz w/ Kaospilot
Aug 10, 2006 Geel, Belgium Youth Centre w/ Kaospilot
Aug 11, 2006 Brighton, England Hobglobin w/ Kaospilot
Aug 12, 2006 Leeds, England Common Place w/ Kaospilot
Aug 13, 2006 Nottingham, England Old Angel w/ Kaospilot
Aug 14, 2006 Bristol, England The Junction w/ Kaospilot
Aug 15, 2006 London, England Grosvenor w/ Kaospilot
Aug 16, 2006 TBA, England TBA w/ TBA
Aug 17, 2006 TBA, England TBA w/ TBA
Aug 18, 2006 Belfast, Ireland The Bunker w/ TBA
Aug 19, 2006 Cork, Ireland Tikki Lounge w/ TBA
Aug 20, 2006 Limmerick, Ireland Boat Club w/ TBA
Aug 21, 2006 Dublin, Ireland Eamonn Dorans w/ TBA
Aug 22, 2006 Coventry, England Jailhouse w/ And They Will Riot
Aug 23, 2006 Caen, France Bar Laplace w/ TBA
Aug 24, 2006 Metz, France Le Tunnel w/ TBA
Aug 25, 2006 Lyon, France Sonic w/ TBA
Aug 26, 2006 Milano, Italy Leonkavallo w/ TBA
Aug 27, 2006 TBA, Italy TBA w/ TBA
Aug 28, 2006 Zagreb, Croatia Club Mochvara w/ TBA
Aug 29, 2006 Budapest, Hungary Suess Fel Nap w/ TBA
Aug 30, 2006 Brno, Czech Republic Yacht Club w/ TBA
Aug 31, 2006 Prague, Czech Republic 007 w/ TBA
Sep 01, 2006 Leipzig, Germany Lichtwirtschaft w/ TBA
Sep 02, 2006 Braunschweig, Germany Nexus w/ Menfolk
Sep 03, 2006 Koln, Germany Kulturbunker-Mülheim (Fifty Food Combo Vegan Grillfest) w/ Amanda Woodward, Trainwreck

The Grey recently came back from a tour of Western Canada. They will be playing a handful of more shows this summer and then will be going to Europe in October. A vinyl version of Asleep At The Wheel is being released in a few weeks on Adagio 830 Records in Germany. You can order it direct from them or check back our web store in a few weeks since we will have some copies for sale. The confirmed European dates so far are as follows:

Sep 29, 2006 Utrecht, Netherlands Acu w/ TBA
Sep 30, 2006 Goettingen, Germany Juz w/ TBA
Oct 01, 2006 Dresden, Germany AZ Conni w/ TBA
Oct 02, 2006 Leipzig, Germany Zoro w/ TBA
Oct 03, 2006 Brno, Czech Republic Yacht w/ TBA
Oct 04, 2006 Passau, Germany Zakk w/ TBA
Oct 05, 2006 Muenchen, Germany Kafe Kult w/ TBA
Oct 06, 2006 Metz, France Le Tunnel w/ TBA
Oct 14, 2006 Copenhagen, Germany Ungdomshuset w/ TBA
Oct 20, 2006 Saarlouis, Germany Juz w/ TBA
Oct 21, 2006 Cologne, Germany Rubinrot w/ TBA

Anyone interested in booking The Grey in Europe, please e mail Niels.

Rah Bras have an amazing video for “No Furture” that you can check out on their website . We will have it posted up on in the near future as well. The band just came back from a successful tour of Europe. Thanks for everyone over there that went out and saw them. They have some US shows planned through out the summer and fall, including some with Genghis Tron and some with Edie Sedgwick. Check out our shows page for up-to-date information on the shows. Yosada Records recently released an LP version of WHOHM that you can pick up in our web store or order directly from them.

The Ben Davis / des_ark twelve-song split (five each and two together) is almost completed and should be mastered in a few weeks. It has been a really long process but we hope you will feel it was well worth the wait when it comes out. We should have more news next time about a release date and also if there will be an LP version in addition to the CD. In other des_ark news, we will have copies of the des_ark live radio demos in our web store in a few days for those who are interested.

Fin Fang Foom’s new EP entitled Native Tongue will be released on the Japanese label Stiffslack in late summer. The band will be touring Japan soon with Balloons (who are on Stiffslack Records) to support the release.

A online EP of unreleased Decahedron demos and remixes will be available on iTunes and eMusic among other places in the near future.

For those in the metro Atlanta, GA area, Channel Zero (Comcast Channel 24) will be airing the Denali - Pinnacle DVD on July 22nd at 11:00pm. A few weeks ago, they aired Lovitt Transmissions: Volume One on their show. Both DVDs are being offered for the rest of the month for $12 each!

Brian and Nate from Lovitt will be on the Dissonance program ( on Radio CPR (community radio in Washington, DC) on July 25th from 11pm to 1am. For those who are not in the listening area and would like to check it out later, you can go to

We have new Lovitt Records shirt, button, and sticker designs. Check them out in our webstore.

In addition to the DVDs being on sale, the following items are also on sale for the rest of the month:

Engine Down
self-titled LP is $6
Jason Falkner’s Can You Still Feel? LP is $6
The Division of Laura Lee 97-99 CD is $5
Dame Fate Time and Tide CD is $5

We will have some more news for you in a few weeks.

Till then,

Your Friends at Lovitt Records

Rah Bras European Tour!


Hello Everyone,

Rah Bras start their European tour tomorrow. For those interested, the dates are below:

May 26, 2006 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ OCII w/ TBA
May 27, 2006 Berlin, Germany @ West Germany w/ TBA
May 28, 2006 Hamburg, Germany @ Astra Stube w/ TBA
May 29, 2006 Munster, Germany  @ Baracke w/ TBA
May 30, 2006 Koblenz, Germany @ Circus Maximus w/ TBA
May 31, 2006 Mülheim, Germany  @ AZ w/ TBA
Jun 1, 2006 Gent, Belgium  @ Frontline w/ TBA
Jun 2, 2006 Bielefeld, Germany @ AJZ w/ TBA
Jun 3, 2006 Leipzig, Germany  @  UT Connewitz w/ TBA
Jun 4, 2006 Dresden, Germany  @ AZ Conni w/ TBA
Jun 5, 2006 Prague, Czech Republic @ 007 w/ TBA
Jun 6, 2006 Vienna, Austria @ Fluc w/ TBA
Jun 7, 2006 Graz, Austria  @ Explosiv w/ TBA
Jun 8, 2006 Roma, Italy@ Linux w/ TBA
Jun 9, 2006 Bergamo, Italy @ TBA w/ TBA
Jun 10, 2006 Genova, Italy  @ Playfest Expo w/ TBA
Jun 11, 2006 Pinerolo (torino), Italy @ Cascina "00" w/ TBA
Jun 12, 2006 Lyon, France @ Sonic w/ TBA
Jun 13, 2006 St. Etienne, France @ Elephant w/ TBA
Jun 14, 2006 Metz, France @ Le Tunnel w/ TBA
Jun 16, 2006 Saarlouis, Germany  @ Juz / Festival w/ TBA
Jun 17, 2006 Den Helder, Netherlands @ De Bliksem w/ TBA

Late April News


Hi folks:

This month's update from Lovitt:

1. Pinebender has been working on a new full-length at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL. Their new epic masterpiece comprises 8 songs and is over 60 mins. long. The record will be released this fall, and the band will be doing some touring behind it as they can. We are really excited about this release and think that you will be, too, once you hear it. We are offering their last full-length, The High Price Of Living Too Long With a Single Dream, at the sale price of $8 through the month of May.

2. Fin Fang Foom recently added a new member who plays cello, Cynthia Main, and also just finished recording an untitled EP for the Japanese label Stiffslack. The band will be touring Japan this fall to support the release. They will also start working on a new full-length to be released next year on Lovitt. They will be doing some US shows in the meantime as well including a short swing down to Florida at the end of May.

3. des_ark has been recording 5 new songs in Richmond, VA, with Jonathan Fuller (Engine Down, Denali, Bats & Mice) for their split record with Ben Davis. The split was originally going to be with The Rosebuds but they had to back out, so des_ark, who used to be a part of Ben’s backing band rose up to the challenge. Everyone is excited they they are able to work together again. Davis and des_ark will actually be recording 2 songs together with a 30-piece orchestra in early May. The split, which will be 12 total songs (5 each and 2 together), will be out sometime around late summer/fall and both bands will be touring behind it.

4. Haram just came back from a successful and grueling 5-week US tour. The band will be playing shows through out the spring and then hitting Europe later this summer for a 5-and-a-half week tour. They are also working on new material with Jeff Kane (City of Caterpillar), who joined the band after the last record was recorded and hope to record material with him later this year. The European dates that have been confirmed are on our website.

5. The Grey’s full-length, Asleep At The Wheel, came out a few weeks ago and has been getting rave reviews. As Chart Magazine put it, "[this record] will get you back into Canadian punk rock." The band has been playing a lot of dates in Canada, including a short tour with VCR, and will be hitting Europe later this year and hopefully Japan after that. Unfortunately, the band is still banned from coming into the US until 2010.

6. Rah Bras just finished up some shows on the East Coast and are gearing up for their European tour later this spring. The band has been getting a ton of great press that is still rolling in, including a recent feature in Virginia Living and an upcoming feature in Skyscraper. When the band gets back from Europe, they hope to start working on a new full-length. The Rah Bras' confirmed Eurodates are under the shows section on our website.

7. The new line-up of Bats & Mice (Jonathan Fuller from Engine Down/Denali is back in the fold) has been working on writing their new full-length record. They hope to record it sometime in late summer or fall.

8. The Engine Down DVD is coming along. Jake Burghart, who did the Against Me DVD, is working on finishing up the editing. The DVD will have their whole last show, footage from their last tour, interviews with the band, interviews with bands Engine Down toured with, and a whole lot more. Look for a late-year release. A preview of the DVD is available in the media section.

9. Speaking of DVDs, Streetwise is giving away copies of the Denali DVD to 5 lucky fans. You can enter the contest by going to:
The winners will be selected in a random drawing held the week of May 17, 2006. Of course, you can still buy the DVD from us. It is getting rave reviews from all over the place and a must-have for any fan of the band!

9. Bifocal Media is working on starting production on Lovitt Transmissions: Volume Two, which will include footage, interviews, video, and tour footage from Engine Down, Decahedron, Del Cielo, Navies, The Grey, Bughummer, Ben Davis, Fin Fang Foom, Haram, and more.

10. We are having a sale through the end of May on the Bughummer, Del Cielo, and Supine to Sit CDs. Each will just be $6! They are great CDs that you should check out if you have not had a chance to.

11. There was a lot of interest for the Frodus flexi 7” at Macrock. We do have some more, but in limited amounts. If you do want one, you can paypal $4 (overseas orders should email [email protected] to inquire about extra postage).

12. We hope to be adding a lot of new items to the web store soon so be on the lookout!

More news soon! Thanks for reading, and take care!


New Releases And A Lot Of News



1. We are now taking pre-orders for The Grey's full-length CD, Asleep at the Wheel, and Haram’s S/T full-length LP/CD! If you order both of the full-lengths, it will cost you just $18 ($4 off the normal $22). Just use the code haramgrey at checkout at the Lovitt store. The offer is good until March 11th. The official release date of both releases is March 12th.

Here are some descriptions of the two records and groups for those who are unfamiliar:

Haram comprises seasoned veterans whose foray into territory most reminiscent of Drive Like Jehu and Sonic Youth is informed by the urgent ferocity of their previous bands (Majority Rule, Pg. 99, and the Out_Circuit). Jim Siegel recorded their first, self-titled LP, in Stoughton, Massachusetts. On this spectacular debut, Haram mines disparate facets of punk and noise to conjure something wholly cohesive and engaging. Unrelenting and forward, Haram possesses a mature, tempered confidence that only comes with experience and do-it-yourself resolve. Their first full-length effort is truly a moody and atmospheric masterpiece. The vinyl covers are all hand-screened (with different art than the CD cover) by Matt the guitarist and the LP was pressed on clear vinyl. The CD is a 6-panel digipak. Haram will tour with US for five weeks starting Feb. 25th (full tour date listing is in the shows section at They also plan on hitting Europe in late summer and hopefully Japan later in the year.

Asleep at the Wheel, the Grey’s full-length, is an energetic blast of raw feeling and forward thinking. One of the highlights of The Grey's full-length is their ability to meld effortlessly different musical elements and influences into something wholly satisfying and engaging. The Grey's music on Asleep at the Wheel is at once cerebral and violently passionate, a quality often sorely lacked by their musical peers. Previously, members were in bands such as Shotmaker, Three Penny Opera, and Buried Inside. The band will be playing shows throughout Canada this Spring and Summer and will be touring Europe from Sept. 29th to Oct. 21st.

2. The Denali Pinnacle DVD came out February 7th. The DVD contains over 85 minutes of content, including 44 minutes of concert footage, videos for "Hold Your Breath" and "Relief," alternate angles for "The Instinct" and "Normal Days," over 150 pictures of the band members, two home movies shot by guitarist Cam, and a hidden Easter egg. We have a trailer of the DVD up on the media section of for preview. Alternative Press had this to say about the DVD: “Besides featuring two members of Engine Down, Denali boasted a front woman (in Maura Davis) whose voice has yet to be matched by anyone in indie rock. Savor her pipes as you get to watch a live set recorded at the pinnacle (get it?) of their all-too-brief-career.”

3. A 12” of Navies’ An Estate was just released on Yosada Records. We have some available in our web store or you can purchase them directly from Yosada . We will be releasing a new two-song 7” from Navies at some point this year.

4. Pinebender has been busy writing new songs and will be recording a new record starting in March, which we are very excited about. We expect it to be nothing less than epic. We hope for a fall release and will keep you updated as we get more details on it.

5. Fin Fang Foom is going in the studio this weekend to record an EP for the Japanese label Stiffslack. The EP should be released in late summer and the band plans on touring Japan to support the release in the fall. The band has also recently added a new member, Cynthia, who plays cello.

6. Unfortunately, the Ben Davis / Rosebuds split we have been talking about forever is not going to happen. The Rosebuds were not able to complete their recording for us and had to bow out. The good news from this, though, is that Ben Davis will do the split now with des_ark. Aimee has been playing solo mostly recently. The stuff she will be recording for the split will be some of that material and some more rocking stuff with drums. Jonathan Fuller is going to help produce her songs and might even play drums on the recording. Ben and des_ark will collaborate on two songs together for the split, in addition to the four to five songs they will each submit separately. All of us are really excited that this came together so perfectly; it’s only appropriate that Aimee be involved since she was such a large part of Ben’s last record.

7. The new Rah Bras full-length CD, WHOHM, is out now and getting positive write-ups (and rightly so) from Spin and Pitchfork to other publications:

Venus – “So damn refreshing”

Alternative Press – “We promise you will not confuse Rah Bras with any other band in your lifetime.”

Giant Robot – “Rah Bras have no problem cutting loose with rock beats that inspire stomping, gyrating, and dizziness.”

Both bizarre and strangely accessible, WHOHM achieves the rare genius of genuine creation in a realm fraught with endless reference and carbon copy replication of tired ideas. The band will be playing shows throughout the winter to support the release and will be touring Europe in late spring 2006 (some of the dates have been posted on our site all ready). Make sure to see them when they come to your town.

8. Bats & Mice have been doing a lot of writing and hopes to record a full-length at some point this year.

9. The Engine Down DVD is coming along. We posted a trailer of it in the media section. The trailer will also appear in a DVD being given away with a future issue of Vice magazine. We are hoping the DVD will be released at some point this year.

10. We are still looking for more footage for the next Lovitt DVD. If you have any footage of any of our bands, especially Pinebender, Navies, Haram, The Grey, Supine to Sit, or the Rah Bras, please get in touch. You can email [email protected] with the subject "footage for next DVD!" for more information on how to get stuff to us. We can use anything you have!

11. Lastly, a few months ago, a joint compilation between Lovitt and Saddle Creek entitled Saddle Up and Love It was released. It is available at Hot Topic stores and can also be purchased online at Hot Topics webstore . It includes material from a variety of our bands and theirs including Bright Eyes, Cursive, Engine Down, Decahedron, Division of Laura Lee, Criteria, Rah Bras, and more. There are 73 mins. of music on the CD and is well worth the $6.99 price.

Talk to you soon,

Team Lovitt

Pre Order The Grey and Haram CDs!



We are now taking pre orders for the The Grey's full-length, Asleep at the Wheel CD, and Haram’s S/T full-length LP/CD. If you order both of the full lengths, it will just cost you $18 ($4 off). Just use the code haramgrey at check out. The offer is good until March 11th. To purchase, go to the coming soon category from the store page and you will find both releases.

More news in a few days.

Take care,