New Division of Laura Lee 7"!


We are excited to announce we are release a new Division of Laura Lee 7"! The 7" features the first new song in 5 years "Hollow Pricks". In 2003 Lovitt and Division of Laura Lee teamed up to release the compilation album ”97-99” with early singles and hard to find tunes. Now, fifteen years later, it is time to do it again. You can now pre-order the 7"! 

Puff Pieces Announce New Single and European Tour


Washington, D.C.’s art-punk band, Puff Pieces, are releasing a new 7" single, "Born 2 Die", this June. The single is a follow up to their full-length “Bland in D.C.” which was released last year. On the A side, you will find a morbid tune of gloom and doom titled "Born 2 Die". On the B side, "Born 2 Die" is electronically transformed into a vigorous dance track titled "Born 2 Cry”. The 7” was recorded by Ian Mackaye and Don Zientara at Arlington Virginia's legendary Inner Ear studio.

May 18th – Berlin, Germany @ Monarch
May 19th -  Leipzig, Germay @  Handstand & Moral
May 20th -  Erlangen , Germany @  JuKuZ
May 21st -   Prague , Czech Republic @ 007
May 22nd – Krakow, Poland @ Warsztat
May 23rd –  Brno,  Czech Republic @ Kabinet Muz
May 24th  -  Zagreb, Croatia @  KSET
May 25th -   Vienna, Austria @  Venster99
May 26th -  Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic @ Ostinato Festival
May 27th – Würzburg, Germany @  Kellerperle
May 28th -  Duisburg, Germany @ Djäzz
May 29th-   Antwerp, Belgium @ Cafe Cabron
May 30th – Paris, France  @  La Comedia
May 31st -  Kiel, Germany @ TBA
June 1st –    Hamburg, Germany @  Hafenklang
June 2nd –   Potsdam, Germany @  Black Fleck

Milemarker "Overseas" Out on Aug 26th!


Reunited 90s-00s synth punk/post-hardcore band Milemarker announce their forthcoming new album, their first full length in over a decade! Overseas comes out on August 26th.

Coming a decade after their last full-length release, Overseas is notable for being such a focused and cohesive effort. Fans of early 2000s releases like Frigid Forms Sell and Anaesthetic will find a clear sonic continuity in the angular, aggressive guitars, tense melodic vocals and soaring keyboard hooks. New members Lena Kilkka (synth, vocals) and Ezra Cale (drums) deepen the krautrock and electronic tendencies, pushing the sound in unexpected directions. Recorded in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany (where the band is now located), with Electrical Audio studios’ Greg Norman (Russian Circles, Godspeed You Black Emperor!) behind the board, Overseas combines the confidence and swagger of a band that has grown up playing music together with the fresh ears and attitude of a brand new band.

 The band embarks on their first U.S. tour since 2008 this August, including performing at the Wrecking Ball ATL festival in Atlanta, GA. 

Mailorder Shut Down Through July 11th


Mailorder will be shut down from June 22nd through July 11th. Any orders placed during that time will ship after July 11th. For faster service, please order from the Dischord website.



MIlemarker "Frigid Forms Sell" LP Reissue Out June 24th!


Originally released in 2000, Milemarker’s Frigid Forms Sell was the album that realized the band’s potential and introduced them to a slew of new fans. Coming after two well-received but still musically embryonic albums, Frigid Forms Sell was a monumental creative step forward, blowing many minds and breaking the mold of 90’s hardcore. Featuring driving synth hooks, angular guitars, melodic male/female vocals, and more crystallized song structures, the album is aggressively experimental, yet at the same time insidiously accessible. Lovitt Records is proud to re-release the vinyl version of this out-of-print classic post-hardcore LP. The download comes with never before heard demo versions of the record.