Del Cielo

Del Cielo formed in January 2001 after bassist Basla Andolsun introduced guitarist Andrea Lisi and drummer Katy Otto to each other. Andolsun had been playing in projects with each. After a few quick months of writing and rehearsing songs, their first show was in Richmond, Virginia, on May 10, 2001. Del Cielo's first release, a split 7" with the now defunct Denver band, Sin Desires Marie, came out shortly after on Ed Walters Records based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In summer 2002, after some small tours and numerous local and regional shows, Del Cielo recorded its first full-length entitled Wish and Wait at Inner Ear Studios outside Washington, D.C., with Chad Clark (Smart Went Crazy, Beauty Pill). The full-length was released April 2003 on Eyeball Records (CD) and Golden Brown/Exotic Fever (LP). In summer of 2003, the band embarked on an extensive six-and-a-half week national tour to support the release of Wish and Wait.

They also released a second split 7" with the defunct Kill the Man Who Questions, a political punk band from Philadelphia that has since become good friends with Del Cielo.

Del Cielo is a self-booked band with a strong interest in community, both in supporting other bands and friends and in playing benefits, rallies, and other gatherings related to social change. They have participated in the Empower Program's Girls' Voices Conference for 200 teenage girls, Ladyfest D.C., Ladyfest Philly, Ladyfest South, Pointless Fest in Philadelphia, numerous Take Back the Night and Rock for Choice events, and a host of other festivals. The individual members are also busy: Andolsun plays in Dischord Records' Beauty Pill, Lisi has contributed solo songs to various benefit projects, and Otto runs Exotic Fever Records.

The band has performed and toured with such notable acts as Rainer Maria, Q and Not U, Mates of State, Against Me!, Decahedron, Kill the Man Who Questions, The Sound of Failure, Light the Fuse and Run, 1905, and Crispus Attucks.