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Drescher (LOV055)

1. Drescher Clock
2. Mannequin
3. St Feliu
4. Fever Sleep
5. M Greene
6. Centrum
7. Death Blues
8. Head Over Heart
9. Marbo Court

Haram returns powerfully with their second full-length, Drescher, a fuller, more potent realization of themes initially presented in their first, self-titled full-length. Now with three guitarists, Haram takes a decidedly spacious approach with this nine-song album that looms and hovers. The quintet now presents pieces that are more fluid and varied in their approach; Haram's latest work supplements their grinding, early material with a technique that is anxious to meander around and explore a terrain informed by brooding melancholy and wry observation. Unrelenting and forward, Drescher shows Haram possessing a mature, tempered confidence that only comes with experience and do-it-yourself resolve.

Part of this new exploration lies in Haram's newfound vocal diversity. After the first full-length, the band took a much-needed break and wrote new songs while reworking old ones with a new bass player and an additional guitarist (Kevin Longendyke and Ben Tankersley, respectively). Drescher is the result of this latest line-up. Currently with four vocalists at the helm, Haram's Drescher is an ambiguous, collaborative display. Where Drescher had the potential to be a sloppy, non-cohesive effort by committee, instead it present a group with intriguing facets. Drescher is an purposeful mosaic of driving rumble, dissonant pop, and tuneful dirges; it's a work intent on equipping listeners with some ways to navigate through unexpected moments that may seem jarring or dissimilar to others around them. Ultimately, it's a fine exhibit of hazy, layered guitars marbled with sufficient melodic foils to be captivating.

Drescher was recorded by Jim Siegel at the Outpost and mastered at Silver Sonya. Haram has performed with many acclaimed acts, such as Envy, Darkest Hour, Don Caballero, and the Melvins, among others. Haram has toured the U.S. and Europe numerous time.

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