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Imposter Costume (LOV001)

1. Southern Fried Wonton
2. Oral Fixation
3. Anonymous
4. Shark Bites Back

This recorded slab was the first 7" ever for Monorchid. It marked the beginning of a new era of DC rock. Enter: Cajuncore. Influences range from raunchy blues to the obvious leanings towards Circus Lupus (two of them were in the band!). After a few listens of this recording, it is apparent that Monorchid included hidden frequencies that unmask any listeners that may possibly be lycanthropes. If you are a shapeshifter of any sort, you will be exposed to all around you when listening to this record. Beware! The "Imposter" 7" recording session was one of pure and sweaty rock 'n' roll intensity. The instruments were all recorded first and Chris Thomson added the vocals once he got to Richmond after sitting in seven hours worth of bumper-to-bumper traffic caused by an oil spill. The traffic made Chris more than ready to come into the studio and scream in the way that only Chris can. The outcome of the recording session with The Monorchid is something that is still being discussed among experts (including Drs. Jeff and Angel Skinner) who collectively believe that this 7" started "The Sexual Revolution of 1996."

All Monorchid Imposter Costumes have sound permanently attached.

Sound was produced by Tom Allnut, Andy Cone, Andy Coranado, Chris Hamley, and Chris Thomson and recorded by Scott Wolf (Richmond, Virginia) in a manner consistent with character design. Recorded digitally on hard disk in Fall '95.

-First 200 were on virgin white vinyl.

-Beautifully rendered cover by Jason Farrell.