Pygmy Lush

Pygmy Lush was born in the immediate wake of Malady and Mannequin, both of whom called it a day in early 2005. Longtime friends and bandmates, the surviving members decided to begin a new project based tangentially on their former projects. They started out by carrying on much of the same ferocity of their previous endeavors but a massive change was afoot. Somewhere in their early practices they had started four-tracking several quieter songs with acoustic guitars and minimal percussion. Their first record, Bitter River (Robotic Empire), was noise-punk tracks mixed in with some of the quieter songs. Those more restrained songs, which had at first been an aside, began to over take the set. The concept was well-recieved, resulting in the band branching even farther into the realm of quieter songs and leading them to create the haunting, echoed passages of both Mount Hope and Old Friends.