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(Final) Flares (LOV090)

1. Not Done Drowning
2. Scored Card
3. Time Tunnel
4. Paper Machete
5. False Easements
6. Tripping Points
7. Ignore Away
8. In Plane Sights
9. Fog Fight
10. The Hunt Down

(Final) Flares is the debut full-length by Committee(s). Conceived across three cities -- Chicago, Chapel Hill, D.C. -- Committee(s) is the brainchild of Chicago resident, Sean Husick (Milemarker, huSEQ, Static is a City)

Formed in 2015, the project’s roots go back to a years-gone post-show conversation between Husick and Ben Davis (Milemarker, Bats & Mice), in which Sean asked Ben if he might want to collaborate on a “goth” project together.

Husick took a stab at it, drafting a couple of tunes that betrayed a heavy debt to dark eyeliner-heavies like Samhain and Siouxsie Sioux. As songwriting progressed, the music’s influences began to turn toward atmospheric post-punk and shoegaze. Often, Husick used a bass guitar to form each track’s melodic foundation, freeing up room for guitars and synths to play a textural role while Davis added vocals.

After adding Ben’s fellow Sleepytime Trio and Bats & Mice bandmate Dave NeSmith (Maximillian Colby, Men’s Recovery Project, Rah Bras) to the mix, the trio had generated a record’s worth of songs and recruited friends from Chapel Hill to form a live version of the band, including guitarists Pete Wagner (Midnight Plus One, Challenger, Auxes), Rachel Hirsh (Bruxes, I was Totally Destroying It) and drummer John Crouch (Solar Halos, Horseback).

(Final) Flares includes 10 songs recorded over a number of sessions in Chapel Hill, D.C., and Chicago, produced/mixed/mastered by Husick.

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