Live At WPRK (LRLV005)

Live show recorded for Florida College Radio Station WPRK on Feb. 9th, 2004. A performance within the first week of their debut US tour with Engine Down and Statistics. This session displays the bombastic and developing sound of Decahedron with guest bassist Johnathan Ford (Roadside Monument, Unwed Sailor) on bass and vocals. Rare recordings of songs originally sung by Joe Lally on the album Disconnection_Imminent but with Shelby and Jonathon taking over the live vocal duties. A powerful document of bombast and Decahedron's enveloping sombre mood of early 00's paranoia/bleakness.

Decahedron on this recording:

Shelby Cinca - Guitar/Vocals
Jason Hamacher - Drums
Johnathon Ford - Bass
Jake Brown - Bass