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Frigid Forms Sell (LOV020)

1. Untitled
2. Frigid Forms Sell You Warmth
3. Signal Froze
4. Sex Jam One: Sexual Machinery
5. Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest
6. Cryogenic Sleep
7. Industry for the Blind
8. Tundra
9. Internet Relay Chat With The Central Intelligence Agency
10. Server Error
11. Platinum

Originally released by Lovitt Records in the year 2000, Milemarker’s “Frigid Forms Sell” was the album that realized the band’s potential and introduced them to a slew of new fans. Coming after two well-received but still musically embryonic albums, “Frigid Forms Sell” was a monumental creative step forward, blowing many minds and breaking the mold of ’90s hardcore. Featuring driving synth hooks, angular guitars, melodic male/female vocals, and more crystallized song structures, the album is aggressively experimental (the opening techno jam still shocks punk rockers), yet at the same time insidiously accessible. As the original press release put it: “Milemarker manipulates and distills seemingly disparate musical genres into a work of coherence and ingenuity, proving that a band can indeed meld polished style and keen critical substance.”

Formed in 1997 by Dave Laney, Ben Davis and Al Burian, Milemarker developed into a 5-piece outfit by the time of the FFS recording. With the enigmatic and electrifying synth-player/vocalist Roby Newton and powerhouse drummer Sean Husick on board, the band was poised for perhaps its most prolific and critically successful phase. Milemarker embarked on strenuous touring in support of the album, dissolving relationships, breaking rental contracts, and traveling to Europe, Japan and around North America several times in their ardor for spreading the message.

Lovitt Records is proud to re-release the vinyl version of this out-of-print classic post-hardcore LP. The download comes
with never before heard demo versions of the record. The band will be touring the US and Europe around the reissue of
the record.

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