Live At Black Cat (LRLV001)

This show was one of the last local shows we played before we went into the studio to record the last Frodus album "And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea". I remember this show being extremely exciting as it was also the Sleepytime Trio reunion show which I must add that they were in rare form. I can distinctly recall Jason (Frodus drummer) and I looking to each other astounded by the energy of Jonathan from Sleepytime's drum bashing! Our set felt good and was also an experiment for us as we played a few more instrumentals than usual and were playing some of our new material for the first time in the DC area. The crowd did seem particularly strange during our set but that was common during those times. This is indeed one of the rare high-quality live recordings of Frodus and even has our song "Red Bull Of Jaurez" without vocals, as we were originally going to have it be an instrumental before entering the studio. A solid document of what once was that does indeed capture the spazzcore-energy that we emitted.

- Shelby Cinca (Frodus)